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Vintage Wood’s Seaforth Dinner Set


Woods Seaforth Dinner Plate

Woods Seaforth Dinner Plate

Just added this week to our ebay store is Seaforth pattern in the pink aka red version. These charming earthenware dishes were produced by Wood’s Pottery of Burslem England.

woods seaforth pink dinner set

Woods Seaforth Pink Dinner Set

The transferware pattern was inspired by Asian art, in the popular design style known as Chinoiserie.  The pieces are finished with delicate gadrooned edges.

Woods Seaforth Back Stamp

Woods Seaforth Back Stamp

Although this set was produced in the 1930’s, the backstamp gives a nod to ancestors of the Wood family of potters, Enoch who was born in 1784 and Ralph born 1750.


Paragon Princess Margaret Rose

Paragon Princess Margaret Rose

Paragon Princess Margaret Rose

Soon to be added to our ebay store is this pretty vintage Paragon tea ware.  It was produced as a souvenir for the 1930 birth of Princess Margaret Rose.

Paragon Princess Margaret Rose teacup

The flowers featured are Marguerites and Roses,  as well as an adorable pair of  budgerigars that embody  the “Two for Joy” theme.  The budgerigar is also known as a parakeet  and  nicknamed the budgie.  “Two for joy” was the inscription on Princess  Elizabeth’s commemorative 1926 china pattern which featured a pair of magpies. Two magpies were observed at the church during the baptism of Elizabeth thus inspiring the quote.

paragon princess margaret rose plate

Paragon Princess Margaret Rose plate

paragon princess margaret rose backstamp

Paragon Princess Margaret Rose backstamp